Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Just like John Wilkes Boothe, our prices will sneak up behind you and blow your brains out!"

Alright, today's rant is a lesson in etiquette. It surrounds a posting I have on craigslist selling a 32" HDTV for less than half of what I paid for it. Now originally I posted this tv for $750, as it's going for about $1000 still on the review sites. Not a bad deal I thought. I just need a little bit of spending cash for this holiday season, and lets face it if I'm going to pass law school a tv is the last thing I need. Well apparently craigslist nation did not think that my tv was worth $750. That's ok, first rule of bargaining is to shoot high. So I dropped it down to $650. That's a pretty substantial price reduction. All the while, I figured in my head I wouldn't go below $500 if it came down to it. Well, after a couple of days and a couple more price drops, here I am, my rock bottom price.

Now the holidays are coming up, who wouldn't like a LCD HDTV with wall mounts?! Apparently nobody, that's who. The only offer I got for my posting of a $500 tv was an email saying "the best I can offer is $250". Now if you've been paying attention and are somewhat decent at math, that's less than a quarter what I paid for a top brand HDTV. Basically came across as a slap in the face to me. Maybe I'm overreacting (anyone who knows me knows I'm highly capable of that) but I'm less inclined to haggle with someone who throws such a low-ball number at me. This isn't Crazy Brian's Bargain Bin Expo. I'm not walking around with a shoddy name tag with my name printed crooked and a comb-over trying to get the early morning bottom feeders to purchase a used pair of socks for fifty cents. Bush league lady, an offer like that is bush league.

But now the ball's in my court. I have her email address and she's awaiting my response. So many things I want to say. But I'm gonna let anyone who reads this submit a response you think I should go with. I'll pick one and let little miss ball buster have whats coming to her. Have fun with this one.

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